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  • How Much Do You Charge?
    We charge according to each job. Contact us to discuss a price.
  • Does Your Band Require A Contract?
    There is no contact required but if the hiring party requires one, we will sign one.
  • Do You Require A Down Payment?
    There is no down payment required.
  • Do You Travel Out Of Town?
    Yes, we will travel where ever the hiring party wants us.
  • Can You Play In The United States?
    Unfortunately, no. We are not permitted to play in the States.
  • Do I Need To Provide Rooms If The Band Is Travelling?
    This will be discussed through negotiations.
  • What Type Of Events Do You Play For?
    We play a variety of events such as private events, community events & opening acts.
  • What Kind Of Music Do You Play?
    We are multi genre band. We play everything from country to pop. We are always adding songs to our repertoire. You can see out current list here.
  • Do You Have A Playlist I Can See?
    Yes, you can see our current song list here.
  • How Many Sets Do You Do?
    We do a total of 3 sets. Our breakdown is as follows for a typical 4 hour setlist. Set 1 - 9:00 - 10:00 Break Set 2 - 10:20 - 11:50 Break Set 3 - 12:10 - 1:00
  • Can We Choose A Setlist?
    The band will have a pre determined setlist but you are more than welcome to look at our list and pick your favorite songs. You can see our current list here.
  • How Long Do You Play For?
    We play 4 hours with 2 small breaks in between. Start time is your choice. If the party is going strong, we do tend to play a bit longer for no extra charge.
  • Will You Be Playing Any Original Music At My Event?
    No, we are strictly a dance cover band
  • Will Your Band Learn A Song For Me?
    If you do not see a song on our playlist and we have enough notice, we will certainly "try" to learn a song for your special occasion.
  • Do You Do Requests?
    Yes, if we know the song, we will certainly play it for you.
  • Do You Play Music In Between Sets?
    If you require music in between sets, we can provide that for you. If you have a device with your own music on it, we can arrange that as well.
  • How Much Time Do You Need To Setup?
    We require a minimum of 2 hours for setup and do a quality soundcheck. When playing a private event, we like to have everything done prior to when the quests arrive.
  • Will You Provide A Microphone For Speeches & Toasts?
    Yes, we can make arrangements to have a microphone available if one of the band members is present.
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