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" What an incredible band for our party! A real party atmosphere... you know it's a good band when every song has you on the dance floor. "

" Silent 9 were absolutely fantastic at our party! The dance floor was packed all night and everybody has commented on how great the band members were. They made our evening and I would highly recommend them to anyone! "

" Man, can these guys play. They sounded great and their song selection was awesome. Can't wait to see the band play again. "

" I went to hear the band due to the buzz they were creating and it is all true. Silent 9 is the #1 band in town right now. They have such high energy and they have a lot of fun on stage and it is contagious into the crowd. "

" Thanks for an AWESOME show guys! We loved having you. You totally brought the house down. You guys rock. "


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